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How do I use the Advanced Editor?

As a content creator, you want to make sure your videos look their best. That’s why you might be interested in Nuro’s Advanced Editor, which allows you to edit your videos as if they were a simple text document.

Why use the Advanced Editor?

This text editor is pretty simple to use and utilizes the Markdown Syntax, a popular and easy-to-use way of taking notes. What’s more, you can copy and paste your script to and from other tools, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

If you’ve already published your video online with the Nuro Video Player, any changes you make in the Advanced Editor will be visible instantly anywhere that your Nuro Video Player is embedded. This is incredibly convenient, as it saves you time and allows you to quickly make changes without disrupting your viewers’ experience.
This is the main difference between the Advanced Editor and the Simple Editor.

Since you may not be familiar with Markdown, the Advanced Editor will provide you with a helpful guide when you open it. Just click “Show me the essentials” and you’ll get all the pointers you need to use it most effectively.

In addition to this guide, you’ll also have several buttons in the Advanced Editor that you can use to modify the Layout of the scenes and the Style of your text.


Each Scene can have one of several layouts:

You can change the layout of any Scene in your video

PRESENTER+TEXT (the icon with the little character next to a paragraph of text) : This is the default. You will appear on screen next to the animated text that recaps what is being said in the video.
PRESENTER-ONLY (the icon with just the character) : This will only show the initial video, full screen, for the duration of the scene. Any text included in the Script for this scene will not appear on screen. This is useful if you are demonstrating something, or during the intro of a video.
TEXT-ONLY (the icon with a bullet point list) : This will show only the title and text for this scene, so the scene will be a bit similar to a slide in Powerpoint or Keynote. This is useful at the end of your video if you are doing a recap of the video or providing calls to action.

Styling the text

You can give your text a little more style by adding emphasis (italics) or strong emphasis (bold).

The "B" button will make text bold, the "I" button will use italics

You can also download your script

If you want to save your script offline, or use it to "duplicate" a project manually, or work on it offline, you can use the Download button inside the Advanced Editor:

Clicking this Download button will provide you with your script as a Markdown text file (.md)

When you're done...

Don't forget to save your work!

Clicking the "Done" button is how you save your work in the Advanced Editor

If your video was already synchronized, all the changes will be visible in the Nuro Video Player instantly.

Nuro’s Advanced Editor makes it easy for you to take full control of your videos. With this feature, you can quickly make changes and ensure your videos look their best.
And the best part? Most of the time, you won't even need the Advanced Editor. You can do it all in one click (with the Magic Button), so you can save time and earn more – all while showing your expertise to the world.

Updated on: 04/03/2023

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